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Welcome to the Circle Star Russian Blue Cattery's web site.

We are a small but reputable cattery, located just north of Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas, in the little town of Bridgeport.  Our breeding program is devoted to the Russian Blue Breed only.  We take pride in our practice of breeding to CFA show standards.  Established in the year 2000, we have made great strides in establishing a excelent foundation line of cats.  We have internation and national champions in our family line.  And our goal is to produce cats that are healthy, well adjusted with excelent temperment and beauty.
Circle Star Cattery is a hobby class breeder; we may occasionally have kittens available to be placed into loving homes.  There is an application process, and usually a waiting list.  So please be patient with us, this breed of cat is well worth the wait...




Johncree Victor of Circle Star

Victor is one of our children from last years litter.  He competed in TICA from four months old and has won several rosettes.  We are pleased that he has found a new loving family.  And as moved on to bigger and greater things.

Circle Star Alexis of Arkady
pictured at four months old
Grand Champion All Breed

A special thank you, to the friends, and colleges we have developed with in the Russian Blue family.  Your devotion and love for the breed is unmatched and has not gone unnoticed.  If it was not for such special friends, such as Jean Davis of BluJeans / Zarenka and John and Pat of Arkady, I would not have found the guidance and persistence to be were we are today.  God Bless You and Yours.

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