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Circle Star Russian Blues
Family Photo Album


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Here are a few pictures, of our Russian Blues.


Johncree Victor of Circle Star

 This picture is of Victor at 5 months old.  And was taken at the TICA show in Omaha.  He placed in four rings out of six.  For best short hair kitten and Best all breed.


Johncree Victor of Cirlce Star

This a close up of Victor at 4 months old.  He always did love the camera.


Johncree Anestasia of Circle Star

This is Anna, taking a break.  After coming home from a TICA International Show in Mexico.  Were she took two rossetes for Best of Breed, and two for Best Short Hair Kitten. She was just eight months old at that time.


Circle Star Alexis of Arkady

This is our little angel Alexis, she too was shown at a National TICA show in Omaha.  Were she came home with four ribbons for best short hair and best all breed.  She now has a new home with Arkady Russian Blues, in Omaha. She is the proud new owner of John and Pat Pankonin.